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We investigate optical, electrical and morphological properties of surfaces and interfaces. From Metal-Semiconductor interfaces to Surface coupled charge oscillations - Surface Plasmons and Biological systems like Cells and much more - a diverse range of micro to nanoscale systems. 

The prime inhabitant of our bag of tricks is the Scanning Probe Microscope and many of their earthy Avatars: The Scanning Tunnelling Microscope and The Atomic Force Microscope. With them and other quaint tools we probe and comprehend Nature - in the nanoscale and try to push the limits of the invisible unknown a bit away. 

Winter School at IISER, Thiruvananthapuram 2019

Visit of The British High Commissioner

Sir Dominic Asquith on 29 November 2018

Joy & Chintan (Industron Nanotechnology) briefed the British HC & Deputy HC Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford on the @NewtonFund and RAENG,UK  supported project at the Technopark Trivandrum along with Shafee, Arunima and Hari, Arijit, Krishna, Ben from IISER

Finite Temperature Current Fluctuations

and STM Light Emission

Memory and Photo resistive switching in ZnO

Optical Non-linearities in STM Light Emission 

Spatially resolved photoconductivity on ZnO

Surface & Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering

Imaging Protein bindings onto microtubules

Our Research on the Front page of Faraday Discussions 

Our research on plasmonics of the STM junction has been highlighted with a cover image of the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Faraday Discussions.

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Research Areas: Any of our pet projects that you find on these pages​ OR Anything that you can get us interested in!

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